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February 13, 2014

Tom’s poems - America


We gather here today to celebrate the heroes,

And to find comfort in each other`s presence,

That our fathers fought and died for our freedom.

In places called Antietam and Gettysburg,

They fought against slavery,

So that America would be free.

In places called Normandy, Cassino, and the

Ardennes, they fought against racism

And genocide.

So that Europe would be free.

In places called Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Korea,

and Vietnam, they fought against the excesses of

colonialism and communism,

So that Asia would be free.

In Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, they fought

Against terrorism and the subjugation of women,

So that the Middle East would be free.

And they died for that freedom.

They gave up their bodies,

Lonely, cold, mortally wounded, they went

Into the darkness and never emerged.

All for freedom.

But let us celebrate today, for these fathers

Have given us freedom.

Let us also celebrate our mothers and sisters who

have fought and died for our freedom,

113 to date in Iraq and Afghanistan alone,

Never again to see their babies breathe the air,

Asleep forever even as freedom is awakened in

Their offspring, the next generation of sentinels to


We remember today, that we are all born into a

Family of freedom fighters, a family of givers, a family

Seeking a better life for its children, the next generation

To uphold the American way of life, exalting freedom

And individual human rights.

America, where a young man can grow up to be a lawyer,

And learn the Constitution of his Founding Fathers,

Because his Dad led his men to the top of that Korean hill, a

Place called `Jackson Heights', where Jackson died, but where

His 3rd Infantry brothers later secured peace for South Korea.

America, where a mother and daughter seriously wounded

By a terrorist bomb at a marathon, of all places, laying in

their Hospital room, receive a visit from soldiers on prosthetic

legs, to show them that they will walk again and live strong,

Boston strong.

Memorial Day in America, through our history we remember,

That 205 soldiers died of diarrhea and dysentery

At the Garrison Road in Buffalo during the War of 1812,

That Jacob Humbert of Clarence, New York,

Whose grave is right around the corner on

Ransom Road, fought with injury at Drewry`s

Bluff, Virginia for the Union Army, and later,

Became a Witness to Lee`s surrender and Grant`s

Refusal to accept his sword,

That Jason Dunham of nearby Scio, New York

Threw himself on a live grenade to save his brothers

During the War in Iraq, giving up his own life

So that others would live.

In conclusion, on this Memorial Day,

Decorate the graves of your heroes, and

Color your lives,

Red, for the blood of those who have died for our cause,

White, for the innocence of the young soldiers who

Willingly sacrifice their lives for our freedom, and

Blue, for the color of sadness, mourning, and depressed

Soulful music, but also, for the color of the Sky, the Heavens

Above, the final resting place for those who made the

Ultimate sacrifice for America.

Thank you.